Sunday, March 20, 2016

Deadpool – review

Deadpool is about the anti-hero from Marvel comics, which has a certain place in a lot of fans’ hearts because of his dark humor and violence. The problem is that the plot is not very interesting. There is no huge threat that makes the movie memorable or has elements of threat. Deadpool basically takes one interesting character and places him in a story that is not a huge deal.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds is a mercenary that was disfigured after a medical test gave him super human healing. He spends his days trying to find the man responsible and hopefully cure his disfigurement. All the while a great deal of his time is spent telling his story and breaking the fourth wall in a comedic fashion.

Ryan Reynolds is great in the part of Deadpool. The filmmakers did a great job making it seem like the character is straight off the pages of the comics. The problem is that the story line is not anything worth mentioning. The main conflict in the story would have easily been remedied by a simple conversation with his girlfriend. It is basically a sitcom scenario that results in hundreds of dead guys.
There are a few funny moments where Deadpool makes note of the casting of the movie or even makes note of superhero movie tropes. The problem is that the rest of the dialog is nearly all dick and fart jokes. This makes me think that maybe this movie was made for a bit of a younger crowd. However, this movie is rated R so I am not sure what demographic this movie is supposed to appeal to in the audience.

Deadpool is an okay movie. It plays it safe though and does not take a lot of risks with the story. The movie is basically a chance to make up for the Deadpool character being so poorly written in the Wolverine movie. It had potential, but Ryan Reynold’s charm can’t carry this movie alone. If they make a sequel I can hope that they cast people that work to make a coherent story with some depth.

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