Friday, November 13, 2015

Last Shift – review

When it comes to movies, something under the radar can often be an unexpected surprise. Such is the case with Last Shift. The movie shows a great eye for the disturbing and uses its lonesome setting at a closing police station as a creepy backdrop for a dark “bottle” movie.  

Rookie police officer Jessica Loren, played by Juliana Harkavy, has the last shift at a closing police station. Left alone, she begins seeing and hearing eerie things that suggest the supernatural. As events get more and more disturbing she finds that it has something to do with the Charles Manson-style cult, which was brought in a year prior.

The movie has a great eye for the disturbing. The imagery of the ghosts, and the way they show the hauntings is something that will linger with you long after the movie has ended. Last Shift builds on its characters and creates a disturbing sense of tension that builds until the twisted end. The acting is solid and the character of Jessica is likable, adding to the tragedy of the events that befall her.

I recommend this movie for anyone who is looking for horror tale that is truly haunting and disturbing.  It will linger in your thoughts and keep you wondering what was real and what was illusionary. The jump-scares are effective and put to good use which is rare for the genre. Last Shift shows a quality seldom seen in horror films.

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