Friday, October 17, 2014

Horns – review

Horns is the dark comedy based off the book of the same name. The movie is a mixed bag. On one hand, the acting is good and the humor is solid; on the other hand, the story is meandering and predictable until the climax.

Horns tells the story of Ig, played by Daniel Radcliffe, whose girlfriend Marrin, played by Juno Temple, was killed. Wracked with grief, he goes on a bender and wakes up with horns growing on his head.  The horns cause people to be brutally honest with Ig. He then goes to search for the killer using his bizarre new power.

Daniel Radcliffe seems to be enjoying himself outside of the Harry Potter role. He plays a man who is tortured and full of pain.  He interacts well with the rest of the cast and creates some really unforgettable scenes. The story itself meanders from plot point to plot point and there are several sections that could have easily been cut from the film. Even the CGI seems very poorly done.

Anyone familiar with current movies will immediately recognize the villain. It is as transparent as Saran Wrap and the ending is nothing short of insane. The story takes a left turn at goofy town and will leave you searching for any clue as to why the filmmakers went that route.

The movie is okay at best, though there are certainly aspects that are very enjoyable. It is worth a rental at least. I would have liked to see more care put into the story and the effects.  Horns has several good moments that make the movie tolerable.

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