Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Top Ten Unique Wedding Movies

Summer brings warm weather, barbeques, and weddings.  For the most part wedding movies are romantic, funny, and often clichéd, yet there are many that are classics and a few that are truly unique. Here are a few not-so-obvious wedding films worth looking into:

10. Corpse Bride- A stop-motion movie that is colorful and dark. While practicing his vows, a Victorian era man accidentally becomes betrothed to a Corpse Bride voiced by Helena Bonham Carter. The movie is colorful and the characters are very unique. There are interesting thematic elements like love loss and murder which are fairly dark and make for a very adult friendly movie.

9. Coming to America- An Eddie Murphy comedy where he plays a young prince who is promised to marry a woman he is not interested in. He decides to move to America and live poorly in Queens, New York in an attempt to find a bride who will love him for himself. Not only is this an incredibly heartwarming movie it is also very funny. Eddie Murphy does a wonderful job in his performance. The supporting cast is also a lot of fun to watch, making this comedy a classic.

8. So I Married an Axe Murderer- Mike Myers plays a man who marries a woman whom he is afraid may be an axe murder. This often forgotten comedy gem is fairly quotable and has enjoyable characters. Considering the dark subject matter the humor is still fairly light.  The casting is really well done and the soundtrack is even pretty catchy.  It showcases Mike Myer’s talent pre-Austin Powers fame when he was still pretty humble.

7. The Wedding Singer- If you enjoy 80s nostalgia, this movie is the one for you. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore find love while working at various weddings and planning hers. It is a fun movie that has a very sincere feeling to it.  While the movie has some cheesy elements, the tongue-in-cheek aspects only add to the enjoyment.  They have a chemistry that works well that it is seldom seen in many other romantic comedies.

6. Meet the Parents- Anyone who has entered a serious relationship has been able to identify with this movie on some level. The relate-ability aspect is a big part of the charm of this movie. Ben Stiller plays a man who goes with his girlfriend to her sister’s wedding.  He intends to propose but first he has to deal with a very intimidating father, played by Robert DeNiro.  The movie does a great job portraying the awkwardness of trying to get a loved one’s family to like you. The situations are extreme but they play it off seriously which adds to the humor.

5. Very Bad Things- Imagine the movie “the Hangover” with murder. That is not the most accurate description but would just about encompass the spirit of this film. A group of friends who are at a bachelor party accidentally kill a hooker. This event sets off a chain of events that ends with many deaths and lives ruined. It still keeps its sense of humor with its very dark subject matter.  It is the sort of movie that will leave you feeling a lot of things, mostly uncomfortable.

4. I Love You Man- Some men don’t have a lot of male friends. What do they do when it’s time to choose a best man? Answer- they go search for someone they can hang out with. Luckily for Paul Rudd he finds Jason Segal.  The friendship they develop seems very genuine and the movie is extremely humorous. The movie is clever and really does a good job connecting to the thought processes that an adult male would go through in a similar situation.

3. The Five-Year Engagement- Another Jason Segal movie. Where “I Love You Man,” can be considered a feel-good comedy, “The Five-Year Engagement” gives the audience a wider variety of emotional content. Jason Segal and Emily Blunt play a couple that experience a series of events that make them postpone their wedding, leading to constant relationship problems. It is a sweet movie that reminds us that love is worth fighting for.

2. [REC]3: Genesis- What would this genre be without a good horror film? Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin play newlyweds. Their wedding is going well until suddenly guests start turning into the possessed demonic/zombies of the other [REC] films.   The acting is good and the movie is full of gore and energy. If you are into fun foreign movies or might be interested in something completely different, this movie will likely entertain you.

1. Muriel’s Wedding- An Australian movie staring Toni Collette, this movie will have you laughing despite some of the drama it brings. Muriel is a daydreamer who has a verbally abusive, politician father who constantly brings her down. She goes on a vacation and meets a friend who teaches her to cut loose. Doing so allows her find a husband of her own. It is a sweet movie that is delightful and humorous.

Not all of us are in the mood for wedding season. If that is the case for you, then you might find these wedding movies to be a nice break from the norm and wildly entertaining. They run the gamut of genres so you have many options. Take a break this summer and try out a unique wedding movie.

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