Monday, January 21, 2013

Borderlands 2 - Video Game Review

The Borderlands series is an interesting mix of POV shooter and loot grabbing role-playing game. It takes elements of post apocalyptic fiction and science fiction.  While there are a lot of things that are fun and interesting it has some very strong moments that will make you want to pull your hair out.  The game is fun and worth purchasing.

Borderlands 2 takes place 5 years after the first game.  There are a new group of vault hunters now with new skills out to make it rich on the planet of Pandora.  The problem is Handsome Jack, the local head of the Hyperion Corporation, is out to kill your character. Finding out why is the huge undertaking.

The art style is still as good as it was in the last game.  There is a lot of humor woven into the story.  These factors make it pretty worthwhile for some of the quests and dialogue alone.  If you love a long game this one will certainly be up your alley.  They have already created several pieces of downloadable content with new quests and new loot. 

It’s a fun game that will entertain for many hours.  It has many optional quests that that will frustrate you or you will enjoy as you make your character more and more powerful. If you enjoyed the last game you will like this one.  If you enjoy RPGs or shooters this is a unique game that will entertain you for a long while.

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