Friday, November 16, 2012

Dredd 3D-review

The 2012 movie Dredd 3D is based on the British comic Judge Dredd.  The story was brought once to the screen in 1995.  This time with great characters, great effects, and a mood that is very self-aware. Dredd 3D also utilized its gimmick of 3D and made for an amazing action packed siege movie.

Judge Dredd, played by Karl Urban, is training his new rookie judge, played Olivia Thiriby.  While investigating a murder in a huge tenement building, they find that a criminal named Ma-Ma, played by Lena Headey, is running a drug empire inside and wants them dead.  They become locked inside the building as the criminals go on an all-out attack on the Judges. 

The effects are really cool.  They use a lot of slow motion effects with a new fictional drug that slow the down brain.  With the 3D effects it looks really cool though.  There are many really amazing, violent gunshots and that are shown in gory detail. 

The mood is dark and fun.  There is humor weaved within the story that really makes the story seem self-aware of being a fun action movie.  It keeps a sharp pace and keeps the action moving from the beginning to the end. The script is decent and is very original for an action movie. 

Karl Urban is great as Judge Dredd.  He brings a great face to an otherwise faceless character.  His rookie character, Olivia Thiriby, plays a great psychic, mutant with a backstory that doesn’t take over the storyline.  Lena Headey is a chilling and very believable villain.  As a whole, the cast did a great job bringing life to this explosive movie.

I totally recommend this movie.  Dredd 3D is a wildly fun action movie and is a blast to watch.  If you are looking for something different and something that is full of fast-paced action, you will enjoy this movie.  Hopefully this movie will find its audience soon.  It is the sort of movie we really need to see released more often.

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