Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Possession-review

It is hard to talk about “The Possession” without comparing it to “The Exorcist.”  While a decent movie in it’s own right, it borrows much of the same premise and has some of the same plot devises. Even as a comparison it is still fairly interesting and a good movie in it’s own rights.  The acting is decent; the creepy factor is alright, just try to not focus on the plot holes and the similarities to “The Exorcist.”

Clyde, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is going through a rough divorce and is trying hard to make due with his two daughters at his new house.  They go to a yard sale and come across a Dybbuk box, which enchants the youngest daughter.  Soon the evil spirit has possessed the young Em, played by Natasha Calis.  The evil spirit requires a Hasidic ritual to exorcise the demon.  Can they be rid of the demonic entity before it takes over Em completely?

The acting is very decent.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan always brings a good performance and this time is no exception.  The other impressive performance comes from Natasha Calis who does a damn fine job playing the possessed child, Em.  She shows a lot of potential.  There is a lot of good humanity in the characters and it’s portrayed well on screen. 

The creepy factor is done really well.  The build-up is slow but it works since there are lots of odd things that are centered on the Dybbuk box.  There are swarms of moths that come out of nowhere.  Then of course there is the girl herself that becomes more animalistic and vicious in her actions.  There is also a strange effect with an MRI that is eerie. 

In terms of plot structure it’s a lot like “The Exorcist;” you have a little girl possessed by a demon. There is a couple of divorced parents that are at the end of their rope and have nowhere else to turn except an exorcism.  You have a demon that moves from the child to the adult. Finally, you have an exorcist character that meets an untimely demise.  If you overlook those certain things it’s still a good movie.

There are a few disappointing effects but for the most part it’s a good movie.  It’s a good take on exorcism with a Jewish spin.  On it’s own merits it’s a good movie. It’s worth seeing as a matinee or at the very least renting, just don’t be disappointed when you see this new demon named Abizo who looks more like Gollum from the “Lord of the Rings,” instead of Pazuzu.

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