Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance-review

If Nicolas Cage movies were compared to a fine wine, than this movie will taste like a year freshly corked.  The first Ghost Rider movie was incredibly so-so. Its effects were hard to see, the villains were non-threatening, and the plot was an overall joke. All-in-all, this film would have been laughed off a high school stage.

Johnny Blaze, a stunt man, makes a Faustian bargain in order to cure his father of lung cancer.  Shocker! The Devil doesn’t play fair. Blaze’s father dies in a motorcycle accident instead.  After his death, the Devil makes Johnny his minion by changing him into Ghost Rider.   Whenever evil is about he turns into a flaming skeleton. He can control flames, has enchanted chains, and can basically suck out souls. In the sequel, Nicholas Cage is attempting to control the demon inside a lot more than he did in the first.  He can even go out in sunlight as Ghost Rider, which is new.

This time around, the effects are a lot better.  The action is more visible and the threats are a lot more viable.  This time it’s not just Mephistopheles’ spoiled brat trying to get souls; the Devil is actually close to bringing forth the antichrist.  The stakes are raised a little more since the last film.  The Devil also has a minion who can cause things to decay with his touch (with the exception of Twinkies).  It’s a pretty sweet villain.  With the effects and the action being greatly enhanced, what puts the cherry on top is the fact that it’s Nicholas Cage acting like a smartass most of the movie.  Cage’s dialogue is mostly one liners and him going over-the-top.  This makes it a delight to watch if you are a fan. 

The movie is a lot of fun.  It’s much better than the first and you can easily see it and enjoy it if you never saw the first.  The entertainment value of movies like this comes largely from the “cheesiness” factor- a quality this film does not lack.  Still, it’s played off really well. The script is good and the story is very solid with a lot of great action and cool effects that make for good fun.  My advice is pretty simple. See it, if you can.

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